Simplifying Lean Manufacturing Through People

Machine Vision provides easy and real-time tools to help industrialist solve their biggest problem


We here bring a solution to embrace Industry 4.0 technoogy that requires a clear understanding of the obstacles that can delay its implementation and the potential benefits that exist. And this is how we being our solutions.
1 Industry 4.0 strategy defined
2 Clear industry 4.0 roadmap deined
3 Use case study & validation
4 Implementation launched
5 Evaluation & Sustainment

OEE Analytics

Increase production effectiveness by knowing how effectively engine manufacturing operations are utilized compared to how effective the potential should be. By paying attention to three parameters, Availability, Performance, and Quality, Losses created in the production process will be quickly known and resolved.

Continuous Improvement Tracker (CI-Tracker)

Continuous Improvement Tracker is a continuous improvement reporting and monitoring system (Kaizen/Six Sigma/TQM/ Lean Manufacturing) in real time. Where each user of this application can provide advice, solutions and innovations for existing problems in order to advance the company to be even better.

Digital Collaboration Board

Monitoring data and events at each layer of the company with adjustments and reporting in real time and flexible. Change the flow of information and insight to avoid information loss and improve the business processes of a company.

Enterprise University

More immersive learning by utilizing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology and collaboration based learning features to improve employee skills and soft skills. With the analytics feature, managers can find out the performance of all employees.

Smart Warehouse

The solution for monitoring systems for incoming and outgoing goods in the warehouse by adjusting parameters monitored in real time and can also be integrated with your ERP system. Implementation of the system Smart Warehouse on the Go, Security Warehouse, Working Order Integration, FIFO, FEFO, LIFO Optimization and Inventory Traceability, aims to create a smart store.

To achieve optimized results in productivity, people, process, and machine are the main pillars of revolutionary advancement on achieving productivity excellence. Through Machine Vision, we’re building the platform to bridge the gap between these three fundamental component.
Embracing Industry 4.0
  • Track and compare production in real-time
  • Increase effectiveness with smarter report
  • Increase transparency within production lines
  • React faster and eliminate production delay
Improving Employee Participation
  • Our team will work closely with client to achieve successful digital transformation
  • Using "reward management" as behavior change initiative
  • Engage production team to be more effective
  • Improve decision making on all levels
Affordable Manufacturing Analytics
  • Pay as you go (subscription)
  • No upfront investment
  • No expensive training required
Machine Vision is a tech company that provides service in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and process optimization in manufacture industry. We bring industrial revolution 4.0 to Indonesia aiming at modernizing and digitalizing Indonesian industry to assist our clients’ company to grow, maximize productivity and optimize efficiency in their business process. Equipping manufacturing industry with our platform ensure transparency in actual plant performance that enables decision makers to solve chronic problems leading to increased productivity.
Our Story
Adzhani Razandistiawan - VP Machine Vision
Mengenal Industri 4.0

Revolusi Industri dalam KBBI berarti perubahan radikal dalam usaha mencapai produksi dengan menggunakan mesin-mesin, baik untuk tenaga penggerak maupun untuk tenaga pemroses.

Rio Bagus - Co-Founder
Industry 4.0 and Labor Market

GDP is slowing all over the world and the main driver is that productivity has been declining for 20 years. As we know, in the classic economic theory, productivity is driven by two important factors.

Rio Bagus - Co-Founder
Lean Manufacturing 2.0

Manufacturing companies have been striving for perfection as they adopt continuous improvement for efficient practices. In such practice, managing production efficiency means how fast can your products go to market with less costs and how you achieve high quality whilst shortening lead times.

Rio Bagus - Co-Founder
Smart Factory is Not Enough in Indonesia …

I’ve talked to manufacturing companies and typically they are facing chronic problems, meaning their decisions and initiatives are not solving the root cause problem and ironically it becomes infinite loop of unproductive process.

The Quality
Sektor Industri Sudah Mulai Bergerak ke Industri 4.0

Kementerian Perindustrian sebagai leading sector dalam implementasi industri 4.0 tersebut menyatakan bahwa Making Indonesia 4.0 akan menjadi peta jalan landasan pertumbuhan ekonomi Indonesia di masa mendatang.


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